• Price:
    $3,495 +5% GST
  • Hike Type:
    Womens only guided hiking tour with round trip flights from Whistler, BC
  • Distance:
    10km - 15km per day
  • Hike Time
    4-7 hours
  • Duration:
    7 Day / 6 Night hiking tour
  • Hiking Fitness Rating
    Level 2
  • Dates:
    August 23rd - 29th

Trip Introduction:

A full serving of wilderness hiking and nights spent in the comfort of our fully stocked backcountry camps

This is a healthy dose of what it’s all about. Explore the South Chilcotin in the most intimate way – by foot, with an amazing group of likeminded women and the support of our knowledgable and skilled guides. This unique trip starts and ends in Whistler, BC with the help of our floatplane; take-off from Green Lake and enjoy a 40 minute scenic flight to an alpine lake where your hiking trip begins. Thanks to our unique system of fully stocked backcountry camps you’ll need to carry only your personal belongings with you on the trail. No need for a heavy pack! We’ve made it easy by having all of our backcountry camps fully stocked with sleeping bags, camp footwear, fleece jackets, and a camp host to prepare all your meals. Travel light and get the benefit of our guides knowledge, support and skills on the trail, all while exploring the magical “Chilcotin Ark.” Hike through flower filled meadows and over alpine passes while watching out for the abundant wildlife that call the South Chilcotin Mountains home; some of the most beautiful terrain in BC. Simple and inspiring travel.

Trip Essentials:

Tour includes:

  • Round trip scenic floatplane flight from Whistler, BC
  • An experienced hiking guide to guide
  • Healthy, hearty and delicious meals starting with lunch on day 1  through to lunch on day 8 (please let us know if you have any allergies,/dietary requirements as we’re happy to cater for these)
  • A delicious packed lunch for everyday’s adventure. Includes sandwich, piece of fruit and slice/muesli bar and/or baked energy snack. Feel free to being any extra trail side snacks if there is anything in particular you like to carry on your hikes
  • 6 nights double occupancy accommodation in our backcountry camps (see below for details on our backcountry camps)
  • Unbeatable mountain vistas and stories for a lifetime 

What’s included when staying at our Backcountry camps:

  • A cozy bed in a dual occupancy canvas walled tent (2 people per tent)
  • Three meals a day when in the mountains. Includes a hot breakfast and dinner prepared by the host, and self prepared and packed lunches for on the trails. A packed lunch prepared by Tyax Adventures is also included on your first day
  • Filtered water to fill your hydration packs and bottles
  • Sleeping bags, sleeping pad/mattresses, and pillows
  • Fleece jackets to help keep you warm in the evenings
  • Crocs footwear to wear while in and around camp
  • Outdoor hot showers with soap
  • An outdoor pit toilet that is basic in nature but fully stocked
  • If ordered and paid for in advance – beer, wine and/or cider. Alcohol must be pre-ordered at least 30 days in advance and will be waiting for you at your desired camp location
  • The opportunity to dry out wet clothes and/or shoes, with a wood fired stove (this means you can travel even lighter!)

At Spruce Camp only, take advantage of our 3 fishing boats to head out onto the lake for some of the best fishing in the park. A fishing licence is mandatory.

Multi day hiking tour:

  • A personal facemask
  • Hiking shoes or boots (water resistant is recommended)
  • Rain Jacket/ wind layer – depending on the weather
  • Shorts (and/or full-length tights depending on the whether)
  • Merino or synthetic bottom layer (weather dependent)
  • Merino or synthetic short sleeve shirt
  • Merino or synthetic long sleeve shirt
  • Extra insulation layer – weather dependent
  • Hat/Toque for wearing against the elements
  • Hydration Day pack. Must be large enough to fit a lunch/snacks and personal items
  • Sunscreen, Insect Repellent and Cap/Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal Medication/Toiletries
  • Sleeping Bag Liner and pillow case (Sleeping bags supplied)
  • Light Puffy Jacket or appropriate insulation layers
  • Change of clothes and sleep wear as desired (clean shorts, shirt, socks)
  • Camp Towel (light travel towel)
  • Personal Toiletries/Medications
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Hat/Toque for wearing against elements and sleeping

Frequently Asked Trip Questions:

Yes, so come prepared to do so with a suitably sized backpack-recommend a 30 to 50 litre pack.

Yes. You must have a good amount of experience hiking for a total of 4 plus hours over a single day, and a good base level of fitness (see our self rating scale here).

It is recommended that you complete some longer hikes wearing a backpack prior to visiting us, if you typically hike without one.

You should be comfortable hiking on rolling and uneven trails, uphill for anywhere between 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, and be able to descend sections of trail that can be soft and sandy.

You can expect to travel between 10-15 kilometers per day.

Be prepared to be on the trails for anywhere between 4 to 7 hours – but this is not all-time spent hiking. There is plenty of stop-start, and opportunities to snack and break to enjoy the surroundings.

Dress accordingly, and consider the current and expected weather.

Sturdy and comfortable hiking specific footwear is recommended, something with good ankle support. It is a good idea to wear brand new shoes on some hikes before visiting us.

Wear a light and breathable short or long sleeve top, active shorts or full-length hiking pants and a hat at a minimum.