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Chilcotin Grizzly Conservation Fund

2016 Chilcotin Grizzly Conservation Fund Allocation

Tyax Adventures is pleased to announce the gift of $6,750.00 to the St’at’imc Grizzly Bear Research Project as a result of donations collected from our 2016 Chilcotin Grizzly Conservation Fund. Our Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Fund is the result of a commitment from both our business and guests to insuring that the South Chilcotin Mountains remain home to a healthy Grizzly Bear population. A percentage of profit associated with all trip costs is given to our Chilcotin Grizzly Conservation Fund annually.

The St’át’imc Grizzly Bear Research project, which has been involved in Grizzly bear research and recovery efforts since 1999, supports the collection of scientific data, which aids in the creation of land base management planning in our local and surrounding area. This project is lead by Sue Senger, – PhD, RPBio, PAg, who is the acting Environmental Lead for the St’at’imc nation.

As shared by Dr. Sue Senger, “the 2016 donation will go toward conducting a small-scale DNA grid-based review for the Stein Nahatlatch Grizzly Bear unit.  While this unit is not located directly in Tyax Adventures operating area, this work is absolutely critical to ensuring that the South Chilcotin Mountains never become the southern edge of the Grizzly Bear population. Right now, we are good to simply be acting to ensure the South Chilcotin bears keep doing what they are doing, and supporting conflict management to retain and promote the current unit occupancy.”

We would like to thank all of our 2016 guests for helping make the 2016 Chilcotin Grizzly Conservation Fund a generous offering toward keeping the South Chilcotin healthy and sustainable for recreational use.

2015 Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Fund Allocation

Our 2015 fund was used to outfit our guides with a tracker device that helped gather data regarding Grizzly Bear sightings and locations. We are working in collaboration with the Sta’ti’mic Grizzly Bear Project to analyze this data to inform and support sustainable wildlife management and operational practices.