Chilcotin Grizzly Conservation Fund

By booking a trip with Tyax Adventures you donate a portion of all profits associated with your total trip cost to the Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Conservation Fund. Thank You!

What is the Chilcotin Grizzly Bear fund?

It is a fund that goes directly to the St’át’imc Grizzly Bear Research project, which has been involved in Grizzly bear research and recovery efforts since 1999. More specifically, it supports the collection of scientific data, which aids in the creation of land base management planning in our local area.

The Grizzly Bears in the upper Bridge River Valley (Tyax Adventures’ area of operation) are part of the Greater South Chilcotin Population Unit, a population that is currently listed as threatened. By increasing Grizzly Bear awareness within the region, we can be part of maintaining a healthy Grizzly Bear population. Grizzly Bears, being an “umbrella species” are a strong indicator of a healthy eco-system and we support and value keeping the South Chilcotin Wilderness healthy and sustainable for recreational use. Furthermore, we respect the Traditional Territory that we operate in, and the important cultural value of Grizzly Bears to local First Nations communities.

Tyax Adventures is committed to environmental stewardship and being an active participant in ensuring that the South Chilcotin Wilderness remains healthy and sustainable for recreational use. And again, we thank you for your donation.

RESPECT: A Call to Action for Sustainable Mountain Biking

Respect is an engaging and inspiring call to action video meant to inspire mountain bikers to join the movement toward responsible and sustainable riding practices that will keep backcountry mountain biking alive, growing and sustainable in British Columbia.

Our goal in producing this video was to take the lead as a responsible backcountry tour operator and help educate riders about the importance of sustainable backcountry mountain biking practices, and to share a picture of what these sustainable practices include. Environmental, cultural, and behavioural aspects of sustainable mountain biking are addressed in this video.

This video is intended to be shared globally across all platforms, and amongst the entire mountain bike community. Please contact Tyax Adventures for details or questions about how you can help share this critical call to action piece.