“Respect: A call to Action for Sustainable Mountain Biking”

Tyax Adventures strongly supports and believes in sustainable mountain bike practices. We promise to practice, share and live this message. With this comes our collaborative production of “Respect: A Call to Action for Sustainable Mountain Biking.”

Respect is an engaging and inspiring call to action video meant to inspire mountain bikers to join the movement toward responsible and sustainable riding practices that will keep backcountry mountain biking alive, growing and sustainable in British Columbia.

Our goal in producing this video was to take the lead as a responsible backcountry tour operator and help educate riders about the importance of sustainable backcountry mountain biking practices, and to share a picture of what these sustainable practices include. Environmental, cultural, and behavioral aspects of sustainable mountain biking are addressed in this video.

This video is intended to be shared globally across all platforms, and amongst the entire mountain bike community. Please contact Tyax Adventures for details or questions about how you can help share this critical call to action piece.

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Experience fly-in mountain biking in British Columbia.

An hour and a half by floatplane from Vancouver is one of the greatest hut-to-hut rides in North America.

” Below a high pass deep in British Columbia’s South Chilcotin Mountains, where a narrow, curving valley stretches out beneath a band of rugged peaks, our guide, Geoff  Playfair, finally slows down long enough for us to catch up. Earlier that day, we’d been dropped off by a floatplane — yes, a floatplane — and have spent most of the subsequent hours pushing our mountain bikes uphill. When we finally catch up with him, we’re a little concerned.” …Read More



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Enjoy this interactive and immersive experience that highlights the magic of Tyax Adventures and the South Chilcotin Mountains.

Going Places: South Chilcotin

” After we arrived at our first camp, Seb said something that really stuck with me (and even 6 months later, I still think about it almost daily); he said, “all we have to do today is eat enough to bike all day”. In a world so fast paced, internet and data reliant, with a million things to get done everyday, you inevitably become disconnected with yourself, and nature. It was the perfect reminder to slow down, enjoy the company you’re with and your surroundings, and be super stoked that you are riding your bike in the wild on some unreal trails!”

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“Chilcotin Ark” – CBC

“The Great Bear Rainforest is known for being one of the most spectacular places in B.C., but near that region is an area that some people believe is even more special.

Dubbed the “Chilcotin Ark”, it’s a stretch of land that reaches from west of the Fraser River in the Cariboo to the Coast Mountains on B.C.’s Central Coast…” (read more)