• Ride Type:
    A backcountry wilderness experience
  • MTB Skill Rating:
    We recommend you’re Intermediate to Expert ability
  • Fitness Rating
    We recommend you’re Level 2 or 3

If you’re an experienced rider, with a good level of fitness and have ridden in the Chilcotins (or simular terrain) before, then a self-guided mountain bike tour might be a great option. A self-guided tour allows you to plan your own trip with family and friends while still enjoying all of the luxuries that Tyax Adventures has to offer, including a floatplane drop and accomodation in our backcountry camps. See our complete menu of options and add-ons below!

So uncover the magic of the Chilcotin in your own time! Begin the adventure with a floatplane drop to one of our alpine lakes, peddle yourself through remote mountain passes, signature rolling Chilcotins trails and vast expanses of rocky alpine terrain. And just when you’re too tired to go any further, make the most of our backcountry camp where full service and thoughtful meals, comfort and accommodation welcomes you.

Select one of the following options for your self-guided trip:

Tyax Adventures have 4 backcountry camps available for your to book along your journey.

Price: $265 pp.

Spruce Camp:
Location: North East end of Spruce Lake on Spruce Creek
Access: Bike & Float Plane

Bear Paw Camp:
Location:Meadows of Tyaughton Creek between Lorna Pass and Deer Pass
Access: Bike & Float Plane via Lorna Lake

Trigger Camp:
Location: Meadows of Tyaughton Creek between Lorna Pass and Deer Pass
Access: Bike & Float Plane via Lorna Lake

Eldorado Camp:
Location: Eldorado Basin
Access: Bike

What is included in the backcountry camps?

  • A camp host to set up and maintain camp.
  • A cozy bed in a dual occupancy canvas walled tent (2 people per tent typically)
  • Three meals a day when in the mountains. Includes a hot breakfast and dinner prepared by the host, and self prepared and packed lunches for on the trails.
  • Filtered water to fill your hydration packs and bottles.
  • Sleeping bags, sleeping pad/mattresses, and pillows (you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag liner)
  • Fleece jackets to help keep you warm in the evenings.
  • Crocs footwear to wear while in and around camp.
  • Outdoor hot showers with soap.
  • An outdoor pit toilet that is basic in nature but fully stocked
  • If ordered and paid for in advance – beer, wine and/or cider
  • The opportunity to dry out wet clothes and/or shoes, with a wood fired stove.

We operate a de Havilland Beaver float plane offering transportation throughout BC, Canada, as well as custom excursions departing from Tyax Adventures base on Tyaughton Lake in Goldbridge, BC.

Our aircraft seats up to 6 passengers (5 passengers with packs and gear; 4-5 passengers with bikes and packs, up to a maximum weight limit of 1100lbs) and features an executive interior with headsets and intercom for your comfort. All our pilots are highly experienced on the coast and the mountains to ensure your safety and comfort, and if the opportunity exists our pilots will provide a narrative describing the unique features of our province during your flight.

All our charter flight rates are one way, per plane load, and before GST. Some long distance charter locations may have added landing fees.

South Chilcotin Park Flights

Pricing for flights into the Park reflects limited access and permitting fees

Spruce Weekday $896
Spruce Weekend – Fri to Sun $986
Warner Weekday $1,033
Warner Weekend – Fri to Sun $1,136
Lorna Weekday $1,215
Lorna Weekend – Fri to Sun $1,337

Flights To/From Whistler

Tyax $1,384
Spruce $1,508
Warner $1,616
Bridge Glacier $1,508
Crystal Lake (Skycamp) $1,722
Yohetta $1,939
Chilco $2,800
Lorna $1,766

For more information on our charter flights visit this link.

We have up-to-date Topo maps of the South Chilcotin provincial park (including the riding area and camps) available for sale at the Tyax Adventures Base.

Additional information on your self-guided trip:

What should I bring on my self-guided trip?

 On all trips, regardless of length, you are expected to carry the following at a minimum:

  • Any personal gear/clothes deemed necessary (check the weather forecast before heading out)
  • Food – includes any trail side snacks you like to eat on your home trails
  • Water
  • Typical trail side repair tools, a spare tube etc.
  • First Aid kit
  • Personal medications (as necessary)
  • A head lamp
  • Sleeping bag liner (if you are staying in our backcountry camps)

It’s also a good idea to carry the following:

  • An Emergency locator beacon
  • Personal sunscreen and/or bug spray if feel necessary
  • Any additional backcountry items you ride with
  • Small, packable camp towel (hot shower available) – see here
  • Bear spray and holster to store it in.

There are a few ways you can book your self-guided trip components.

Call: 1-888-892-9288 (toll free in Canada) or 1-778-765-1519

Email: fun@tyaxadventures.com


Use our online booking form

There are limited spaces available in each of the backcountry camps (and limited time-slots for flights) so make sure book in advance to confirm your spot.

Mountain Bike – Technical Skill

  • Advanced Novice – You enjoy riding singletrack that has small obstacles that may include roots and rocks that are a couple inches tall, as well as some mud and sand. You understand how to shift your gears and are often able to shift your gears in response to terrain. You are learning how to use both front and back brakes to control your speed, and to be comfortable and reasonably balanced standing up off your seat while descending. You are just learning how to climb effectively. Exposure is still intimidating.
  • Intermediate – You are comfortable riding singletrack that has various obstacles including tight trees, mud, small loose rock, roots, and sand. You are able to mostly shift gears in response to terrain demands and use both front and rear brakes to control your speed. Descents are fun as long as they do not contain any obstacles and everything is easily and visibly rollable. You are practicing shifting your weight forward while climbing over technical terrain. Exposure with little to no consequence is fine.
  • Advanced – You love riding singletrack and aren’t deterred by obstacles including roots and rocks that are up to 6” tall, loose sand and rock, mud, tight trees and corners. You are able to shift gears in response to terrain and modulate both front and back brakes in steep terrain. Descending is super fun and you are not intimidated by long descents with obstacles. You are able to climb technical singletrack and understand how to shift your body weight to achieve ultimate traction. Exposure is acceptable on moderate trails.
  • Expert – You love to ride your bike in all terrain. Tight trees and corners, loose rock and sand, long descents with obstacles are all welcomed challenges that make the ride more fun. Modulating both front and rear brakes in varied terrain is a given, and shifting your body weight over your bike to respond to the terrain is brainless. Long descents with obstacles are exciting, and exposure with reasonable consequences often goes unnoticed.

Mountain Bike – Fitness Level

  • Level 1 – exercise weekly and are reasonably fit. could ride at a comfortable pace for 3 – 4 hours including 45 min climbs
  • Level 2 – exercise 2 or 3 times a week with a focus on fitness. could ride up to 6 hours a day at a moderate pace, including 1.5 hour climbs, for a few days
  • Level 3 – exercise 3 or 4 times a week and are very fit. could ride up to 8 hours a day at a good pace, with 2 hour climbs, for multiple days