Horseback Tour – Full Day

This day is about venturing into the South Chilcotin mountains on one of our trusty steeds with an experienced wrangler/guide leading the way.  Your day will be rich with beautiful meadows, babbling brooks, lovely forests and wildlife sightings. You will stop for lunch along the way at one of our scenic rest stops where you and the horses have a break before continuing on your mountain journey eventually ending back at Tyax Resort.

  • Ride Type:
  • Duration:
    4-7 Hrs
  • Distance:
    ~15-25 kms
  • Horseback Riding Ability
    Beginner to Intermediate

Find Your Skill Level

  • Beginner – You have limited riding experience and perhaps have never ridden a horse before but are keen to try. A 1 or 2 hour ride is plenty long.
  • Novice – Perhaps you have ridden a horse before and know that you are able to mount and dismount unassisted. You are comfortable and feel in control while your horse is walking and maybe even during short trots. You are comfortable on a horse for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Intermediate – You have a firm and confident seat on your horse and feel comfortable while trotting and maybe even while cantering and galloping short distances. You are comfortable on a horse for 6 to 7 hours, but perhaps don’t ride regularly.
  • Advanced – You are very comfortable on a horse at all paces, and perhaps can handle a spirited horse in open country. You are comfortable riding all day.

* Trail riding with us involves slow speeds and walking. Faster paces should not be expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Horseback Tours

Does Tyax Adventures have helmets for horseback riding?

We have a limited number of helmets available for children. If your child has their own bicycle helmet or horseback riding helmet we recommend bringing it to ensure that they are wearing something that will fit them well.

Do I have to wear a helmet while riding?

We do not require adults to wear helmets while on tour with us. Children under the age of 14 must wear a helmet

Is there a minimum age requirement for children?

Although there is no minimum age requirement for children there is a minimum height requirement of 52 inches for any horseback riding tour. Pony rides are available for children under this height with the child being accompanied by a parent walking beside them.

Do I need prior horseback riding experience before going on a Backcountry Horseback Riding adventure?

We recommend that you have some horseback riding experience before joining a Backcountry Horseback riding tour. If you are a beginner we recommend our 3day tour to start. The first day of all of our backcountry rides begins with an afternoon orientation ride, this is the time where your wrangler will introduce you to your steed for the trip and your chance to ask any questions you might have. Some of our longer itineraries such as the 7 or 10 day trips require previous riding experience. We recommend taking some horseback riding lessons to gain experience prior to these trips if you are inexperienced.

What should I wear on a horseback riding tour?

Wear – long pants and sturdy footwear (boots or trainers with heel are preferred, closed toe shoes, sandals or open toed shoes are not acceptable). A hat and sunscreen is also recommended. Full day tours we recommend bringing a pair of gloves.

General – all tours

What are the tipping guidelines? 

When your guiding and hosting team provided service that went above and beyond, in Canada it is customary in the outdoor adventure industry to express your appreciation through a cash gratuity. A gratuity is not mandatory, but if you would like to recognize the work of your team in this fashion, our recommended guideline is 10-15% of the total value of your trip.

As it takes many people – both frontline and behind the scenes –  to ensure your trip is the amazing adventure you hope for, our policy is to pool all gratuities and split them amongst the whole team. To accommodate this, we ask that you pay any tips to our Guest Experience Coordinator at the activity desk, or arrange for payment through our reservations staff.

Should I bring my own snacks?

Plenty of food and snacks will be available during the trip, however, you are welcome to bring your preferred snacks. Should you bring your own, remember to never leave them in your tent or backpack unattended. Bears and other animals are a concern and will chew through anything to get to your food.

Is alcohol allowed?

Tyax Resort has a bar where you can purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. For multi- day trips, you are required to pre-book your alcohol with us before arriving at Tyax Resort or arrange your own.

What if I have special diet requests?

If you have any special dietary needs, please notify Tyax Adventures when you book your trip (i.e. before you arrive at Tyax Resort) so that we can make the necessary allowances, if possible. 

My question is specific to women…

Ladies should bring feminine hygiene products in plastic zip-lock bags. Please bring extra zip-locks for disposal after use. Please remember, your guides, female or male, have spent many days with groups in the backcountry. They have heard your question before and will always be mindful of your privacy. 

What if I have additional questions?  

Please visit, by email at or call us at 1-888-892-9288 and we would be happy to answer your questions.

What our Guests have to say…

“It is a majestic area to travel through – one which I think you could only really appreciate on foot, horseback or bike.”

Guest 2016

” We had an amazing time! I never realized how beautiful the Chilcotins are. We enjoyed the guides, horses and the food! A really great experience!”

Guest 2016