Bridge Glacier Elopement

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Fly into the beautiful Bridge Glacier with your Photographer and Marriage Commissioner. Land at the foot of the Bridge Glacier, with two full hours to hold your reception, and take photos in multiple areas. Afterwards, take the float plane back to Tyaughton Lake, where more photos can be taken.

This price includes pilot & photographer as your witnesses, and can accommodate two additional people.

Trip Includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of photographic coverage (including photo editing, print release, private online gallery, photographer travel)
  • Marriage Commissioner for duration of trip
  • Return flights to Bridge Glacier with couple, Marriage Commissioner, and Photographer

*Option to add accommodation to your package

Lorna Lake Elopement & Adventure

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    Non Guided 3 Day/2 Night Package – Check back soon!

    Guided 3 Day/2 Night Package – Check back soon!

Fly into the spectacular Lorna Lake dressed in your best wedding attire, with the Photographer and Marriage Commissioner by your side. Say your do’s on the shoreside of this surreal glacier-fed lake, with a photographer taking in all the special moments. Once the reception is complete and photos are taken, change your wedding clothes for adventure clothes and take off on your multi-day trip. Travel through our remote backcountry cabins, non-guided or guided over the next couple days, back to our base.

Trip Includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of photographic coverage (including photo editing, print release, private online gallery, Photographer travel)
  • Marriage Commissioner for duration of trip
  • Flight to Lorna Lake with couple, Marriage Commissioner, Photographer, and guide if applicable
  • Backcountry accommodation
  • Guiding if applicable
  • If non-guided, dinner on day 1 to lunch on day 3
  • If guided, lunch on day 1 to lunch on the day 3

Sky Camp Mini Wedding

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    Non Guided 3 Day/2 Night Package – Check back soon!

    Guided 3 Day/2 Night Package – Check back soon!

Travel by floatplane to one of our most remote and spectacular cabins, nestled into the mountain side on the beautiful Crystal Lake; with you only your Marriage Commissioner, Photographer and small wedding party. Say your do’s surrounded by your loved ones and friends as your photographer takes pictures you will cherish forever. After the reception, continue with some photo taking, for approximately an hour before the Marriage Commissioner and Photographer depart, leaving you and your close ones to celebrate and relax over the next two nights. Enjoy our lakeside sauna, water activities and nearby trails until the plane comes to retrieve you and your group on the final day.

Trip Includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of photographic coverage (including photo editing, print release, private online gallery, Photographer travel)
  • Marriage Commissioner for duration of trip
  • Two flights to Sky Camp from Tyaughton Lake with couple, close relatives/friends, Marriage Commissioner, Photographer, and guide if applicable
  • Backcountry accommodation in our cozy tents
  • Backcountry Host to cook all your meals
  • Use of canoes, kayaks, fishing equipment and sauna
  • Guiding if applicable

Packaged is priced for 6 people total, however you can certainly go with fewer or more (up to 10 total). Please contact us for package options.

*Option to have return flights from Whistler also available

General Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the couple must obtain their own marriage license prior to arrival. The licence must be present at the time of the marriage ceremony, otherwise the marriage ceremony cannot proceed. This license must be a valid BC marriage licence; a marriage licence from another province, state or country is not valid in BC. 

Issuing offices can be found here:

Sky Camp is more of a luxurious camping experience – more information on our Sky Camp can be found here.

Our Photographer is the fantastic Kat, who specializes in elopements. Her work can be found on Instagram at @wild.elopements.bc or by clicking here.

The Marriage Commissioner we use is the Officiant in our local area – his name is Norman Gladstone.

Flowers are not included in these packages, though guest are more than welcome to bring their own for the ceremony!

Lorna Lake Package Frequently Asked Questions:

More information on our backcountry camps can be found here.

The most common camps for people to go through are Bear Paw and Spruce Camp, though since it is self guided, it is totally up to you!

The trails are considered backcountry and remote in nature. The riding overall is cross-country/all mountain in style.

You can expect a mixture of the following, depending on the route ridden:

  • Rolling single track terrain made up of some ups and downs, combined with some flatter sections of trail,
  • Creek crossings and sections of trail that can be wet and muddy – but passable
  • Occasional short up hills that require a good base level of fitness, and a burst of effort to ride or a small hike-a-bike.
  • Sections of trail that require some extended periods of hike a bike – particularly to reach the top of passes (see below for further details)
  • Sections of somewhat technically challenging riding over roots and rocks. Requires good bike handling skills and good concentration.
  • Some short sections of single track that can be a little off camber and/or slightly exposed.
  • Single track descents of between 20 to 45 minutes from the alpine to the valley – depending on the pass on top of.

Yes, so come prepared to do so with a suitably sized backpack-recommend 30 to 40 litre pack as a minimum.

Yes. You must have a good amount of experience mountain biking and be a strong intermediate rider at minimum (see our self rating scale here).

Riders must be comfortable with changing gears, braking, mounting and dismounting their bike in uneven terrain.

Riders should have the ability to pedal and/or walk with their bike uphill for short to long periods of time, and they must be comfortable descending moderately technical downhill sections. Riders must be able to ride in control at all times.

es, particularly if you travel the trails/routes below.

Understand that to get into the alpine there typically will be some hike a bike required. A good base level of fitness (Level 2 to 3) is required, along with a readiness to commit to the adventure.

  • Lorna Pass: 45 minutes to 1 hour of hike a bike
  • Elbow Pass: 45 minutes to 1 hours of hike a bike
  • Deer Pass: 90 minutes to 2 hours of hike a bike
  • Windy Pass: 1 hour to 90 minutes of hike a bike
  • Camels Pass: 20 to 30 minutes of hike a bike
  • Eldorado Pass: 30 minutes to 45 minutes of hike a bike
  • Cabin Pass: 30 to 45 minutes of hike a bike

But do not be intimidated by these numbers. A good level of fitness and attitude will help you reach the passes, and the rewards (views, the descent etc.) are ultimately worth it. One foot in front of the other, onwards and upwards.

Given the potential for sections of hike a bike, low cut, lightweight cross country style mountain bike shoes may not be the best footwear option.

We recommended bringing shoes that provide a good amount of ankle support, and that have a solid sole, for any sections of hike a bike. Check the condition of shoes before you arrive.

This will largely depend on the routes you and/or your guide(s) chose. There typically are multiple route options available to be considered. Factors such as rider expectations and experience, fitness and skill level, rider safety, weather and wildlife will be taken into consideration.

Generally, however you can expect to travel on average from 12-20 miles / 20-30 km per day.

Be prepared to be on the trails for anywhere between 4 to 7 hours – but this is not all time spent riding.

There is plenty of stop-start, and opportunities to snack and break to enjoy the surroundings.

No, after the ceremony is done we will fly your wedding clothes back to our base to be picked up on your return.

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Sustainability & Stewardship

We love the South Chilcotin and we want to continue to share it’s magic with the world for years to come. We are committed to sustainable recreational practices and operational strategy based on science based conservation.  We collaborate thoughtfully with key stakeholders to insure we remain active participants in supporting local sustainability. For details regarding our recent stewardship and conservation commitments please click here.