The South Chilcotins in Explore Magazine

Pick up the latest copy of Explore magazine and turn to page 8 to read more about this epic hiking Adventure in the South Chilcotins.

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Does this type of Adventure sounds like you?

Tyax Adventures offer guided hiking tours throughout the Summer Season. You can choose from single or multi-day hiking tours.

Our single-day guided hikes are a sampling of what the local hiking trails have to offer. You will hike through meandering, forested trails, watching for local wildlife and identifying local flora. Stunning views of the Bridge River Valley may also be enjoyed as your guide shares bits of local history relating to the historic mining communities that dot the valley below, as well as stories about the indigenous territory and peoples.

Our Multi-day guided hiking tours are a step further into the wild. Your guide will take you to hike and explore trails deep in the backcountry. You’ll travel relatively lightly on this unique “hut to hut” guided hiking experience, as you stay overnight in our comfortable, well equipped and hosted backcountry camps.

Learn more about the guided hiking tours we have available at Tyax Adventures here .

‘from Windy Pass, everything that makes the South Chilcotins special spreads out like a sampling menu of awesomeness’  – Ryan Stuart, Explore Magazine

Photo credit: Ryan Stuart [Explorer Magzine]

‘ Right in front of me is an alpine smorgasbord teasing and inviting rambling exploration in just about every direction’  – Ryan Stuart, Explore Magazine

Reference: Stuart, R (2020) Explorer Magazine. Accessed at on 17 September 2020.