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Outdoor Adventure and Travel show- 2020

Tyax Adventures attended the Vancouver Outdoor and Adventure Travel show the weekend of Feb 29th and March 1st.

It was a great opportunity for us to connect with a number of previous guests and help potential new guests discover new and unique backcountry experiences for the upcoming season! Tyax Adventures were strategically positioned on the fringe of the Bike Zone, we rubbed elbows with Bikers, Hikers and potential Wrangler & Horsepacking tour customers.

Together with Mountain biking BC, we also gave all our loyal guests and friends the chance to win one of 3 epic backcountry adventures! (one of which is a Tyax Adventures 2 day backcountry adventure with floatplane drop). Read more about it here.

A big thanks to Mountain biking BC ! Good Luck to everyone who has entered !

We look forward to taking you for a Ride of the Wild side!

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Image Credit: MountainBikingBC

Our Tyax Adventures Booth

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Image Credit: MountainBikingBC

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