New This Season…

2015-07-22 16.06.26

The opportunity to explore stunning mountain terrain for multiple days in the wilderness carrying only a small daypack is truly unique! Thanks to our evolving network of 4 backcountry camps and one cabin, the dream of traveling by foot, bike or horse from camp-to-camp is now a reality and is certainly a must on adventurers’ “to-do-list.”

Our 4 Backcountry Camps and 1 Cabin, each offer a unique location and experience. The camps are always evolving and updates are being made regularly as we strive to meet and exceed visitors’ expectations at each of these remote settings. Check-out these updates:

  • Spruce Creek Camp has a new cabin that makes cooking, eating, and hanging out around a warm wood stove truly enjoyable and relaxing. With hot running water in the bathroom now, warm showers are also a true delight!
  • Bear Paw Camp, one of our more remote and strategically placed camps, has received a new roof completing the cabin that houses a new kitchen with hot running water! Now there’s lots of space to dine, warm-up and hang-out in comfort.
  • Trigger camp, our simplest and most rustic accommodation, now has 5 walled tents to match the other camps and running water.
  • Eldorado Cabin, our highest elevation accommodation sitting at 6,300’, is newly equipped with an updated cook stove, wood shed, and new outhouse.
  • Sky Camp, our most luxurious, remote and private camp, has 3 new package deals that make it accessible to more people.

We hope that you are able to get deep into the Chilcotin and experience the wonder of the vast wilderness trail network, enabled and made comfortable by nights at one of our unique backcountry camps. Please peruse our website and contact us with questions or booking inquiries.