How to pack for your MTB experience with Tyax Adventures?

No matter if you’re planning a single day or multi day MTB adventure, its important to be prepared for your adventure by packing all the necessities. At Tyax Adventures, we get asked questions like ‘what shall I bring?’ and ‘what’s included?’ alot, so we thought we’d write a blog post about it. At Tyax Adventures it’s our mission to ensure that everyone is well prepared so you can spend more of your time enjoying the Adventure!

With that in mind, our guides have laid out a list of the necessities for your trip. It’s a good idea to keep in mind you’ll need to carry (in a backpack) everything you need for the tour, so make sure you pack the necessities and not too much else! Our guides have included below our recommendations to keep your gear lightweight but effective (7 mesh, Osprey and Ryders have some great products for this!)

MTB packing list

Single day adventure:

MTB packing list

Multi day tour:

  • All items necessary for single day adventure
  • Sleeping Bag Liner and pillow case (Sleeping bags supplied)
  • Light Puffy Jacket or appropriate insulation layers
  • Change of clothes and sleep wear as desired (clean chamois, shirt, socks)
  • Camp Towel (light travel towel)
  • Personal Toiletries/Medications
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Hat/Toque for wearing against elements and sleeping

And to ensure you’re fully prepared for staying at our backcountry camps, we’ve included a list (and a few pictures below) of what you can expect:

  • A camp host to set up and maintain camp.
  • A cozy bed in our backcountry camps (indoor cabin available at Eldorado, wall tents in all other camps)
  • 3 meals including a hot dinner and a hot breakfast prepared by our camp host, and a packed lunch for the trail.
  • Safe filtered or treated water is available in camps to fill your hydration packs and bottles.
  • Sleeping bag & sleeping pad, pack only a sleeping bag liner or sheet.
  • Fleece jackets to help keep you warm in the evenings.
  • Crocs footwear to wear while in camp.
  • Outdoor showers with biodegradable soap available in our 3 main camps (Spruce, Eldorado, Bear Paw).

*At Spruce Lake camp only – take advantage of our 3 fishing boats to head out onto the lake for some of the best fishing in the park (fishing license required). 
*At Eldorado Cabin only – soothe your tired muscles in the wood-fired sauna after a long day on the trails.