Camping Opportunity


There are many incredible front-country campsites in the South Chilcotin. Most offer tranquil surroundings, drive-up convenience, beautiful waterfront or mountain vistas, and many are free of charge! Water and toilet facilities vary per site. Here are some camping options that we know about and are worth exploring.

Gun Creek Site

The Gun Creek site is located at the confluence of Gun creek and Carpenter Lake about 8.5kms northeast of Goldbridge. It offers numerous well-established sites with picnic tables, lake and creek access, and is approximately 12kms from Tyax Adventures’ office and plane dock.

Mowson Pond Site

The Mowson pond site is conveniently located just a few steps from the junction of Gun creek Road and Tyaughton lake road, which means you are close to lots of great riding/hiking and approximately 8kms from Tyax Adventures’ office and Plane dock. There are a total of 7 sites that offer access to the pond and numerous other recreational activities.

Friburg Site

The Friburg site is located on the shores of Tyaughton Lake and is very close to Tyax Resort. The campsites are limited and relatively small, however they offer lake front camping and quick access to loads of riding/hiking. This site is less than one kilometer from Tyax Adventures’ office and plane dock.

Relay Creek Site

There are a few un-established, but well used campsites close to the Relay creek trailhead and some great riding/hiking. These sites require 4×4 access.


This is just a few of the many front-county camping options to be found in the area. We hope you enjoy discovering the diverse opportunity and experiences they have to offer. And if you are interested in experiencing one of our backcountry camps let us know and we will certainly help you discover the potential be it by bike, hike, horse or air. Please contact us with any camping questions you have. See ya out there!