Sky Camp Kohlrabi

There’s something to be said for being in the right place at the right time.

Over the consumption of tasty beverages at the Beer Farmers, my girlfriend was casually asked if she’d like to host a bunch of mountain bikers at Sky Camp (one of Tyax Adventures’ most balling backcountry locations). She was quick to mention that I could cook and would be a great addition to the hostess-with-the-mostest team and it took me about 0.01 seconds to agree to this union. As of yet I had only heard the tales of this remote location and recognized that it was an opportunity one should not shy away from.

Allow me to create a visual for you: Board a floatplane that takes you deep into the South Chilcotin range to a fully set-up cabin. This location comes complete with wood-burning sauna, canoes/kayaks/paddle boards, hot showers, the sound of loons atop a lake full of trout, adventure Crocs, old school board games, guest tents stocked with flannel sheets & duvets and nothing else but the silent sounds of the forest. Everyone in favour of glamping, raise his or her hand! Easily 90% of you just did.

A simple, delicious menu was drawn up for us and I couldn’t help but raid my garden for a few extras to tie in to the plan. My spare time has taken a hard hit lately (aka neglected garden) and there are a few species that have gotten massive due to this lack of maintenance – or someone has secretly been feeding them steroids. So, may I introduce to you the current, uncontested, and very underrated, heavy weight champion of my garden… kohlrabi.

Out came the biggest bulb, a leek, the dried coriander seeds from my bolted cilantro plants and a cured garlic bulb; all grown in my backyard and all destined to become a side-dish served with salmon. What follows is a rough outline of how I cooked it via an old school propane oven.


  • Pre heat oven to 375°F. While that is happening, lightly toast your coriander seeds then grind them with a mortar & pestle to desired texture.
  • Cut the kohlrabi into ½” cubes and place them into a medium-sized mixing bowl.
  • Add in some sliced leeks, minced garlic, the ground coriander, salt & pepper to taste and then drizzle with olive oil; tossing to combine.
  • Pour the mixture into a cast iron pan and place in the oven for 30-45 minutes. Make sure to take the kohlrabi out of the oven and stir it around every so often to avoid burning.


The key ingredient for making this dish tremendous, aside from the fact it was grown with love, is the company it was shared with. For some it was their introduction to kohlrabi and that alone makes it a success.


Sky camp is a magical place: you arrive unplugged and leave fully charged.



Relocation Press Release – Exciting changes for the future




Goldbridge, June 15, 2018: Tyax Adventures is pleased to announce an investment into the future of backcountry adventure in the South Chilcotin region of British Columbia. With the purchase of a large track of land at the northeast end of Tyaughton lake located in the heart of world renowned multi-day mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding, Tyax Adventures looks ahead to the sustainable build of a new adventure base camp to better service guests and their increasing demands.


“As a leader in multi-day backcountry tourism with a growing business, we are thrilled to be able to secure the future and sustainability of our business, while also having the opportunity to better serve our guests for years to come. Looking ahead, we will now have the opportunity to comprehensively serve our guests both in the front country and in the backcountry and bring our guest experience full circle. We will continue to work alongside community stakeholders to fully develop a vision for our new base camp that best serves everyone,” shares Tyax Adventures owner and operator Dale Douglas.


With all 2018 operations happening without interruption, Tyax Adventure will begin the transition into this new location immediately. The float plane dock, activity desk and other resources being relocated to the northeast end of Tyaughton Lake  – 1.4kms past our former location at Tyax Resort.  Again, this relocation will cause little to no change to our usual operations this season, and will only add unprecedented value in years to come.


About Tyax Adventures: Tyax Adventures is recognized as the expert guides to the South Chilcotin and pioneers of float plane accessed multi-day backcountry mountain travel. Tyax Adventures has been sharing the magic of British Columbia’s South Chilcotin mountains with guests for twenty years. Our expert and service focused staff will guide you on a journey of a lifetime with opportunity including single day or multi-day adventures of hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and flightseeing/charters made only unique by a stay in one our 5 historic and fully serviced backcountry cabins and camps. Committed to safety, sustainability and fun, our adventures are certain to inspire and create memories that will last a lifetime.


For more information please contact Tyax Adventures at or 250-238-0177. Please reference map and locations below for new locations.

MAP w logo

“Respect: A call to Action for Sustainable Mountain Biking”

Tyax Adventures strongly supports and believes in sustainable mountain bike practices. We promise to practice, share and live this message. With this comes our collaborative production of “Respect: A Call to Action for Sustainable Mountain Biking.”

Respect is an engaging and inspiring call to action video meant to inspire mountain bikers to join the movement toward responsible and sustainable riding practices that will keep backcountry mountain biking alive, growing and sustainable in British Columbia.

Our goal in producing this video was to take the lead as a responsible backcountry tour operator and help educate riders about the importance of sustainable backcountry mountain biking practices, and to share a picture of what these sustainable practices include. Environmental, cultural, and behavioral aspects of sustainable mountain biking are addressed in this video.

This video is intended to be shared globally across all platforms, and amongst the entire mountain bike community. Please contact Tyax Adventures for details or questions about how you can help share this critical call to action piece.

2016 Chilcotin Grizzly Fund Allocation

Grizzly bear & cubs

Tyax Adventures is pleased to announce the gift of $6,750.00 to the St’at’imc Grizzly Bear Research Project as a result of donations collected from our 2016 Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Fund. Our Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Fund is the result of a commitment from both our business and guests to insuring that the South Chilcotin Mountains remain home to a healthy Grizzly Bear population. A percentage of profit associated with all trip costs is given to our Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Fund annually.

The St’át’imc Grizzly Bear Research project, which has been involved in Grizzly bear research and recovery efforts since 1999, supports the collection of scientific data, which aids in the creation of land base management planning in our local and surrounding area. This project is lead by Sue Senger, – PhD, RPBio, PAg, who is the acting Environmental Lead for the St’at’imc nation.

As shared by Dr. Sue, “the 2016 donation will go toward conducting a small-scale DNA grid-based review for the Stein Nahatlatch Grizzly Bear unit.  While this unit is not located directly in Tyax Adventures operating area, this work is absolutely critical to ensuring that the South Chilcotin Mountains never become the southern edge of the Grizzly Bear population. Right now, we are good to simply be acting to ensure the South Chilcotin bears keep doing what they are doing, and supporting conflict management to retain and promote the current unit occupancy.”

We would like to thank all of our 2016 guests for helping make the 2016 Chilcotin Grizzly Bear Fund a generous offering toward keeping the South Chilcotin healthy and sustainable for recreational use.