4 Day / 3 Night Backcountry Mountain Bike Tour

This 4 day adventure will certainly satiate your mountain biking desires as you will ride most of the South Chilcotin’s classic routes that can only be accessed via multiple days in the mountains. Your choice, you can begin pedalling or book a charter float plane flight from Tyax Adventures base on Tyaughton lake to get you into the the backcountry. Catered to your goals and skill level, our guides will uncover the magic of the Chilcotin as you travel through remote mountain passes, meadows rich with wild flowers and wildlife, shorelines of turquoise glacier fed alpine lakes, and vast expanses of rocky alpine terrain with signature rolling Chilcotin singletrack. And just when you’re too tired to go any further and your spirit is saturated with bliss, a backcountry camp/cabin awaits where full service and thoughtful meals, comfort and accommodation welcomes you.

  • Price:
    $1,400 per person or $1,700 w/flight start from Tyax Resort (based on 4 people)
  • MTB Skill Rating
    Intermediate to Expert
  • Fitness Rating
    level 3
  • Ride Type:
    Cross-country; some technical downhill sections; some hike-a-bike
  • Distance:
    ~75 - 100 kms
  • Daily Ride Time:
    4-8 hours
  • Duration:
    4 Days

Sample Intermediate Itinerary

Day 1: Lorna Lake, Big Creek Trail, Graveyard Valley, Elbow Pass, Tyaughton Creek Headwaters & Bear Paw Camp

Stats: ~ 25 kms, + 600 m / – 807 m

Start your trip off with a unique and surreal floatplane flight through the South Chilcotins into the majestic Lorna Lake. A stunning turquoise glacial lake nestled between looming mountain peaks far from civilisation. Once bikes are unloaded, and the necessary photos are taken, you will gear up and ride a short distance to the northern end of Lorna Lake, connecting with Big Creek Trail. For the next 10 kmsyou will follow Big Creek trail to its junction with Graveyard Creek trail, riding through a wide open valley that is bordered by volcanic hills and ridges. Expect a mix of forested sections and low lying meadows, with some short climbs and flowy segments of trail. Also expect some scrambling over log “bridges” to cross side creeks and wet feet, particularly when crossing Big Creek itself once. You will then enter and travel 8 kms through Graveyard Valley a gentle, wide and historic valley. Take note of the infamous battle grounds of the Statimc and Tsilhqotin Indigineous peoples, which gives graveyard valley its namesake. As the valley begins to narrow you will turn south and pedal and hike-a-bike up 300m to Elbow pass situated high in the alpine, before descending the days final 5kms of ultimate singletrack and 550m into the headwaters of Tyaughton creek and Bear Paw Camp where you will rest and re-charge for the night.

Day 2: Lorna Pass Trail to Lorna Pass and back and/or Little Paradise Creek Trail to Relay Coland back

Stats: Bear Paw Camp to Lorna Pass and back ~ 10 kms, + 480 m / – 480 m : Bear Paw Camp to Relay Col and back ~ 10.5 kms, + 505 m / – 505 m

Today there exists the possibility to go big and pedal/hike-a-bike close to 1000 m by combining Lorna Pass and Relay Col trail options, or to take a slightly smaller day by riding one of the two trail choices. Whatever your choice you will not be disappointed, as from atop both Lorna Pass and Relay Col you are treated to stunning views of impressive peaks, glacial formed valleys and rich orange, red, and pink coloured rock bands. Add to this the reward for all your efforts in gaining the pass and/or the col, two of the best descents in the region, and you are in for a great day.

To reach Lorna Pass, shortly after leaving Bear Paw camp you will pedal and hike-a-bike up 500 m over 5 kms. Pay attention to trail features and flow as you make your way up it, as you will be descending back down this same route. You are certain to spend some time taking in the incredible views atop Lorna Pass as you gaze down into both South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park and Big Creek Park. Once you’ve fully soaked in the vista, your descent will start with riding a well beaten trail to tree line through a vast grassy alpine valley/meadow, with a mostly gentle to moderate grade. From tree line the trail descends through meadows and open forest, steeply at times, back to Bear Paw Camp.

To reach Relay Col, shortly after leaving Bear Paw camp you will pedal and hike-a-bike up 500 m over roughly 5 kms. Pay attention to trail features and flow as you make your way up to the col, as you will be descending back down this route. From Relay Col you will have views of towering rocky peaks, weathered alpine ridges, beautiful grassy meadows and vibrant coloured rock bands. Once you’ve filled up on the stunning views, your descent will start with riding a moderately steep, loose and rocky alpine ridge to tree line. From tree line the trail descends through forested slopes, steep at times, before entering a large grassy meadow with a gentle grade. The final section of trail winds nicely, side hilling at times, through medium grade open forest. Once at the valley bottom, pedal a short distance back to Bear Paw Camp.

Day 3: Tyaughton Creek Trail, WD Trail, Spruce Creek Trail & Spruce Camp

Stats: ~ 16.5kms, + 340 m / – 504 m

Today you will ride through alternating forest and meadows on route to Spruce Camp. Be prepared for four major creek crossings, a few short steep climbs with some smooth and flowing downhill, technical rooty sections, and some side hilling. For most of the day you will be riding parallel to Tyaughton Creek, and will be offered awe inspiring views of the surrounding peaks and ridge lines. After crossing Tyaughton Creek for the final time you will do a short push/pedal before enjoying a gradual descent into our camp at the north end of Spruce Lake. Once at camp you can walk a short distance to the shores of Spruce Lake, where row boats and fishing rods await, or take the time to explore the surrounding slopes for fossils and viewpoints.

Day 4: Main Trail, Gun Meadows, Gun Creek Trail to Gun Creek Road

Stats: ~ 23km, + 250m / -834m

Today is nothing short of the grand finale! Shortly after setting out from Spruce Camp you will begin riding through wide open alpine meadows that offer you one final opportunity to gasp at incredible views and spot wildlife, before descending into the valley far below you on smooth and flowy single track. Once in the valley you will ride parallel to Gun Creek for a lot of the remainder of your day, with beautiful single track twisting and swooping through forest. The terrain will noticeably become more a mix of sand and volcanic ash as your day progresses, and although you will be losing elevation, in typical Chilcotin fashion there are still some short climbs. Upon arriving at Gun Creek Road, which sadly is where you trip ends, our shuttle van will be waiting to drive you back to the lodge.

Sample Advanced Itinerary

Day 1 : Relay Creek, Graveyard Valley, Big Creek, Elbow Pass, Tyaughton Creek Headwaters & Bear Paw Camp

Stats: 45 kms / + 1350 m / – 1069 m

Day one is a significant cross country day traveling through vast, remote historic valleys that see little traffic, and finishes with a classic alpine pass and descent. The day will begin with an hour van shuttle to the relay creek trail head where you will jump into the saddle and begin a gradual 500 m ascent for 10kms up a remote valley. A short decent will follow as you enter into the graveyard valley. You will then travel through this gentle, wide and historic valley for 8kms taking note of the infamous battle grounds of the St’at’imc and Tsilhqot’in Indigineous peoples and give graveyard valley its namesake. As the valley begins to narrow you will turn south and pedal and hike-a-bike up 300m to Elbow pass situated high in the alpine, before descending the days final 5kms of ultimate singletrack and 550m into the headwaters of Tyaughton creek and Bear Paw Camp where you will rest and re-charge for the night.

Day 2: Lorna Pass, Big Creek, Graveyard Valley, Little Graveyard Valley, Little Paradise Creek, Manson Creek & Bear Paw

Stats: 36 kms / +1275 / – 1275

Today’s ride is full of iconic Chilcotin riding, with vast views all day and an unforgettable descent to end it. Shortly after leaving Bear Paw camp you will pedal and hike-a-bike 500 m over 5 kms to the top of Lorna Pass. After admiring the views from atop Lorna Pass and staring down into the vast expanse of Big Creek Provincial Park, you will descend 2.5 kms to meet Big Creek Trail

Next you will ride 10 kms north along Big Creek trail to its junction with Graveyard Creek trail. You will travel through both wooded sections and open country as the trail parallels Big Creek including short punchy ups, and fun flowing downs. Expect some scrambling over log “bridges” to cross creeks and wet feet, particularly when crossing Big Creek itself.

After briefly re-entering Graveyard Valley, you will follow a side trail that leads South East into Little Graveyard Valley. You will ride 5 kms through the valley’s open and low brushy meadows with potential for marshy sections. The grade here is mostly gentle, before you are tasked with a short steep climb to Little Graveyard Pass. From the pass the trail will gently descend into Little Paradise Creek.

Now you are on route to the final descent of the day, which starts from a col that is surrounded by impressive mountain peaks and offers jaw dropping views. Following Little Paradise Creek trail you will ride across meadows, through a gully, and traverse across alpine ridges. Expect some short energy sapping climbs, mixed with pedaling through gentle to medium grade mountainous terrain.

To finish the day you will descend 500 m back into Bear Paw Camp, a fitting end to an incredible second day in the South Chilcotin Mountains. The descent starts with you riding a loose and rocky ridge in the alpine, which quickly enters a steep forested section, and then a flat grassy meadow, before dropping through a steep wooded section.

Day 3: Tyaughton Creek Drainage, Deer Pass, Trigger Lake to Spruce Camp

Stats: ~ 35kms, + 1285 m / -1655 m, 8 – 10 hours

Leaving from Bear Paw camp in the morning, you will begin by immediately beginning your Climb over majestic and iconic Deer pass – not for the faint of heart. leaving the meadows you will pedal and hike-a-bike up 600 m and 6 kms of mountainous terrain where 360 degree Chilcotin vistas await. This endeavour is directly followed by a long technical cross country downhill that drops 800 m and 5 kms to the headwaters of Gun Creek and the home of glacier fed Trigger and Hummingbird Lake. With 3 hours and 14 kms left of your ride, you will follow the shores of Trigger and Hummingbird lake on a rolling technical single track with rocky and rooty sections, before traversing into the Spruce Lake valley which will be home for the night. The much deserved comforts of home will await you at our Spruce Camp.

Day 4: Main Trail, Windy Pass via High Trail, Eldorado Pass via High Trail, Lick Creek

Stats: ~ 28kms, + 1013m / – 1500m

Your final day riding in the Chilcotin will include strenuous hike-a-bike, pedaling to conquer two alpine passes,  and cross country riding through a vast valley and basin on route to one of the most technical and long descents in the region (Lick Creek).

Shortly after leaving Spruce Camp you will start hiking-a-bike/pedalling approximately 650 m up Windy Pass. From atop Windy Pass you will be treated to breathtaking views of unique features such as Cartable Mountain and Castle Peak. You are well rewarded for your efforts in reaching the pass with a smooth, fun and flowy descent down to valley bottom-riding from high in the alpine to a grassy and forested basin.

Next you will mostly pedal cross country style through the basin for approximately 6 kms, rolling past Eldorado Cabin, on route to the second and final pass of the day and Lick Creek. Be prepared for a short push/pedal once passing Eldorado Cabin.

Descending close to 1000 m, you will be both challenged and amazed by the variety of terrain, root sections and steep lines of Lick Creek. Following the natural flow and features of the surrounding terrain, Lick Creek will test your bike handling skills and provide you with endless amounts of fun.

After an exhilarating descent you will follow an old logging road onto a dirt road, as you pedal back to the lodge

Frequently Asked Questions

Mountain Biking

What type of riding do you offer?

All of our mountain bike tours are cross-country/all mountain style. On all tours, except the Tyax Trail Tour, you may be required to climb for short to long (e.g. 2 hours) periods of time and descend on various types of terrain, ranging from open fire roads to tight, twisty single track (steep at times). Body armor is not required however, if you feel more confident wearing armor, you are welcome to pack this for your rides.

 What are the terrain and trails like?  

The terrain of the South Chilcotin Mountains varies from dense treed bush-land and open grasslands to steep rocky mountain passes. Most trails were originally created by cattle and horses and, on average, are two feet wide and generally in excellent condition. Depending on weather and usage, some sections of the trails may be muddy, but passable.

Do I need prior mountain bike experience?

Previous mountain biking experience is mandatory on all Tyax Adventures tours. Riders must be comfortable with changing gears, breaking, mounting and dismounting their bike in uneven terrain and be in excellent physical shape with the ability to climb for short to long periods of time and descend on moderate to technical downhill sections.

How many miles do you ride per day?

Depending on your particular tour, the duration of your ride each day will vary. Mountain biking tours range, on average, from 12-20 miles / 20-30 km per day. 

Does Tyax Adventures offer rental bikes?

Yes, we have a brand-new fleet of 2017 full suspension Norco Mountain Bikes. We offer the Norco Sight A7.3. These all mountain – trail bikes offer 4” to 5” of travel and have been chosen specifically for the trail conditions in the South Chilcotin Mountains.

 What kind of bike should I have?

As you will be participating in cross-country rides, we strongly recommend you bring a dual-suspension (fork at the front and shock in the rear) mountain bike, weighing no more than 35 pounds and designed for cross-country/all mountain trails. Triple-clamp front forks, fat bikes and extra bulky frames (e.g. downhill mountain bikes) are not advised for transport on Tyax Adventures’ float plane and are not appropriate for the style of riding offered on our tours. We also recommend mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes versus traditional V-Brakes as several downhill sections are sustained and can be strenuous on you and your brakes. Ensure that your saddle is comfortable, you have the appropriate sized tires on your bike (we recommend 2.3 mm tire width), and your bike is well tuned before your tour.

What is the weather like in the South Chilcotin Mountains?

Tyax Resort and Spruce Lake are located on the border between the Chilcotin Mountains and the Coast Mountains. The temperature is substantially cooler in the early morning and evening, so make sure you bring warm layers for when the sun goes down. In the higher alpine areas, please be prepared for snow in the summer. The middle of the day is a great time to swim in Tyaughton Lake (Tyax Resort) or Spruce Lake.

Average temperatures are:

JUN: 77F / 25C high       JUL: 82F / 28C high         AUG: 86F / 30C high

41F / 5C low                      46F / 8C low                       50F / 10C low

What bike gear should I wear?

You will need only the biking essentials – a helmet, bike riding gloves and eyewear (tinted lenses for sunny days). Armor and full-faced helmets are not recommended. Lycra bike shorts are not practical for your wilderness experience – they are not warm nor are they comfortable for sitting on rocks and logs, etc. We strongly recommend you wear durable mountain bike shorts. 

What should I bring/pack?

The following items are recommended for day trips, resort-based tours, and camping tours.

All Tours:


  • Cycling socks
  • Short and long sleeve bike jerseys
  • Cycling windbreaker or light jacket
  • Bike shorts with padded inner
  • Bike tights for cold weather (optional)


  • Bike helmet, shoes & gloves
  • Bike hydration pack (for water and carrying your lunch, bike tools, etc.)
  • All-purpose bike tool, spare tube and bike-specific parts
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera, film, batteries


  • Medication
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Lip balm

Gold Rush Tours:

Clothing – all items listed above, plus:

  • Warm casual pants
  • Warm casual jacket
  • Casual socks
  • Fleece or long sleeve layer
  • Warm gloves (non-riding)
  • Toque or winter hat
  • Bathing suit (optional)

Gea– all items listed above, plus:

  • Wet weather riding gear
  • Casual/camp shoes
  • Watch

Personal – all items listed above, plus:

  • Personal toiletry items
  • Book or reading material
  • ID or passport
  • Cash for souvenirs
  • Cash for tipping your guides
  • Towel

Backcountry Tours:

Clothing – all items listed above, plus:

  • Extra warm clothing

Gear – all items listed above, plus:

  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Pillow case
  • Light travel towel

Personal – all items listed above, plus:

  • Biodegradable soap

What types of clothing is recommended?

Lightweight, quick-drying fabrics such as nylon, fleece and other synthetic materials are preferred. Cotton, especially denim, is not recommended as it retains heat and moisture. During the early morning and evening the temperature cools down significantly, so make sure you have a warm jacket, warm hat, socks and gloves.

Do I need a daypack?

We recommend that you carry a light, mountain biking-specific backpack (e.g. a Camelback) that is equipped with a hydration system so that you can access plenty of water during your ride. You will also be required, on some of the longer day rides, to carry your own lunch, snacks, spare parts and equipment specific to your bike (e.g. a air fork pump), and possibly wet weather gear. Our tour guides always carry emergency supplies and tools.

Do I need to bring a first aid kit?

Our guides are trained and prepared for first aid situations. Packing and carrying your own first aid kit on rides is optional. If you require specific medical attention, you are required to notify Tyax Adventures upon booking to ensure our guides are prepared. Please bring sufficient prescribed medication(s) with you.

Do I need tools?

Our guides have the basic tools and are quite knowledgeable, but if you should bring specific parts for your bike, e.g. a spare derailleur hanger, spare tube.

Are there Bears and/or Bugs?

During most tours, we venture into remote country and even though there will be an abundance of wildlife, it can be rare to spot them. With proper precautions, it is unlikely any will bother us on our tours. Certain times of the year there are mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies and other bugs. We recommend you bring bug spray or light long sleeve shirts if you have a tendency to attract them.

Do I have to hire a guide?

We recommend our guided trips for all first time visitors to the area. Our guides are highly qualified at mountain biking, very familiar with all the trails and wildlife in the South Chilcotin Mountains, and experts at wilderness safety, first aid and rescue. The South Chilcotin Mountains are challenging to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the area – there are very few trail markings and the wilderness is very remote.

Accommodations and getting here

What are the Resort accommodations like?

Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa offers accommodation in their Resort Rooms. Visit www.tyax.com for more information.

 Are my valuables secure at Tyax Resort & camping?  

We recommend you avoid bringing valuables with you if possible. Tyax Adventures, Tyax Resort and other accommodation partners are not responsible for the loss of valuables while on their tours or premises. Please ensure you keep valuables on you at all times.

Where is Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa?

Set on the shores of Tyaughton Lake, Tyax Resort is located approximately five hours by car north of Vancouver and 1.5 hours west of Lillooet. The resort is nestled in British Columbia’s newest provincial park, a 72,000-hectare area boasting some of the best backcountry hiking, horseback riding and biking in BC. Tyax Resort offers Resort Room accommodations and a variety of services. Please visit or www.tyax.com for more information.

How do I get to Tyax Resort?

Several modes of ground and air transportation are available from Vancouver and Whistler. They include Tyax Adventures floatplane transfers, ground transportation to Whistler (Greyhound, Perimeter, private limousine) and rail (Rocky Mountaineer). You can also access Tyax Resort by private vehicle either from Pemberton (via the Hurley), or from Lillooet. Directions are available on www.tyaxair.com.

Where can I stay in Vancouver and/or Whistler?

There are many accommodation options in Vancouver and Whistler. Visit www.whistler.com (Tourism Whistler) and www.tourismvancouver.com (Tourism Vancouver) for rates, availability and to book your accommodation.

General – all tours

What are the tipping guidelines? 

When your guiding and hosting team provided service that went above and beyond, in Canada it is customary in the outdoor adventure industry to express your appreciation through a cash gratuity. A gratuity is not mandatory, but if you would like to recognize the work of your team in this fashion, our recommended guideline is 10-15% of the total value of your trip.

As it takes many people – both frontline and behind the scenes –  to ensure your trip is the amazing adventure you hope for, our policy is to pool all gratuities and split them amongst the whole team. To accommodate this, we ask that you pay any tips to our Guest Experience Coordinator at the activity desk, or arrange for payment through our reservations staff.

Should I bring my own snacks?

Plenty of food and snacks will be available during the trip, however, you are welcome to bring your preferred snacks. Should you bring your own, remember to never leave them in your tent or backpack unattended. Bears and other animals are a concern and will chew through anything to get to your food.

Is alcohol allowed?

Tyax Resort has a bar where you can purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. For multi- day trips, you are required to pre-book your alcohol with us before arriving at Tyax Resort or arrange your own.

What if I have special diet requests?

If you have any special dietary needs, please notify Tyax Adventures when you book your trip (i.e. before you arrive at Tyax Resort) so that we can make the necessary allowances, if possible. 

My question is specific to women…

Ladies should bring feminine hygiene products in plastic zip-lock bags. Please bring extra zip-locks for disposal after use. Please remember, your guides, female or male, have spent many days with groups in the backcountry. They have heard your question before and will always be mindful of your privacy. 

What if I have additional questions?  

Please visit www.tyaxadventures.comby email at fun@tyaxadventures.com or call us at 1-888-892-9288 and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Backcountry camps

How much gear can I bring?

Your luggage must weigh less than 25 lbs. You will only need your personal gear, Tyax Adventures will provide all camping gear.

Can I leave extra stuff at Tyax Resort while I’m in the Backcountry?

We do not have secure storage for your belongings in the Resort however many people leave extra gear in their cars. We can store small bags if absolutely necessary however Tyax Adventure and Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa are not responsible for these items.

Do I cook my own food and what do we eat?

Your host will prepare all of your meals, including delicious and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If you have any special dietary needs, please notify Tyax Adventures when you book your trip so that we can make the necessary allowances.

What are the camping arrangements?

You are required to bring your own sleeping bag liner and pillow case, however the huts and camps will have sleeping shelters so no tents or cooking gear are required. The campsite is also equipped with bear-proof food containers.

Are there shower and toilet facilities?

There are outdoor showers at Spruce Lake Camp, Bear Paw Camp & Eldorado Cabin/Camp. We will have biodegradable soap available for use. There are outhouses at the Spruce Lake Camp, Bear Paw Camp and the Eldorado Cabin/Camp.

It’s my first time in the South Chilcotin should I book the Backcountry Accommodations?

Our Backcountry Accommodations are recommended for Experienced Backcountry Travelers only, we recommend booking a Guided Adventure if you’re unfamiliar with Backcountry Travel.  An experienced backcountry traveler is comfortable route finding, orienteering and is prepared for wildlife encounters and first aid emergencies.

What should I pack?

  • Sleeping Bag Liner or cotton sheet (Sleeping bags supplied)
  • Rain Jacket or Light Puffy Jacket depending on the weather
  • Change of clothes (chamois, jersey & extra socks)
  • Personal Toiletries/Medications
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Hat/Toque for wearing against elements and sleeping
  • Sunscreen, Insect Repellent & Sunglasses
  • Camp/Travel Towel
  • Backcountry Travel Items
  • Emergency rations; shot bloks, energy bars, etc.

What’s Included?

  • A camp host to set up and maintain camp
  • A cozy bed in our backcountry camps
  • 3 meals including a hot dinner and a hot breakfast prepared by our camp host, and a packed lunch for the trail
  • Sleeping bag & sleeping pad, pack only a sleeping bag liner or sheet
  • Fleece jackets to help keep you warm in the evenings
  • Crocs footwear to wear while in camp
  • Outdoor showers with biodegradable soap available in our 3 main camps

*At Spruce Lake camp only; take advantage of our 3 tin boats to head out onto the lake for some of the best fishing in the park.

**At Eldorado Cabin only; soothe your tired muscles in the wood fired sauna after a long day on the trails.

Can you cater to special diet requirements?

We can accommodate vegetarians and we will do our best to accommodate those with allergies.  Please note that due to the remote nature of our camps we may not be able to accommodate all requests.  If you have specific requirements please note on your booking form and our staff will be in contact with you.

Is alcohol allowed in camps?

Alcohol is allowed in camps and you are allowed to carry your own.  Tyax Adventures does not serve alcohol however we do offer beer and wine to be pre-ordered and ready waiting for you in camp.  You will need to pre-book this at least 7 days in advance.  Please remember that our backcountry accommodations may be shared with other guests, please be respectful and responsible when imbibing.

Find Your Ability


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Customize Your Trip

Here are a few added service offerings that can make your trip extra special! Please contact us to learn more about these custom opportunities.

Full Gear Support

Enjoy your multi-day adventure without the burden of a heavy pack. Let our team of horses transport 20lbs of your personal gear to camp daily, so you can arrive at camp with more energy and coveted fresh personal items waiting.

Resort Nights

Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa rests on the shores of Tyaughton Lake on the border of the South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park. The Resort is our summer home base where our activity desk greets guests, and where our float plane docks. For those looking for a bit of luxury and indulgence, a night(s) at the resort before or after your adventure might be just what’s in order. Choose from amenities including full spa services, deluxe rooms, fine dining, lakeside recreation and bar service.

Door to Door Flight Service

We are happy to pick you up with our DeHavilland Beaver float plane from a destination near you, and fly you directly into the heart of the Chilcotin Mountains where the magic awaits. Return flights from locations such as Vancouver International Airport, Whistler, Seattle, Tofino… and many more, are available. Please visit our flight page for details.

Premium Performance Apparel

We have partnered with 7mesh apparel to provide our guides and guests with some of the world’s most specifically and thoughtfully designed mountain bike apparel. As a premium performance brand located in the Sea-to-Sky corridor we couldn’t think of a better partner to help elevate our guests experience when it comes to apparel comfort and performance. As a valued guest, we can help outfit you with the some of the best apparel for mountain biking available.

What our Guests say…

“Just getting back to civilization after an amazing 4 days of shredding trails in the Chilcotin backcountry with 3 crushers – such a majestic place with amazing descents and a sea plane drop!”

- 2016

“The first day was the best single day outdoor adventure I’ve had. Scenery that can’t be beat, hike-a-bike, geology in action, flowers, meadows, grasslands, forest, adventure, dynamite single track and most importantly camaraderie. I’m ready to go again!”

- 2016