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A day in the life of a wrangler

Have you ever wondered what it is that a cowboy or cowgirl does with their day?  Ride around the range with their trusty steed, keeping an eye out for bandits and strays…  Well that’s not quite so far off, our crew of wranglers here at Tyax Adventures have just been out in the mountains (range) […]

Spring Trail Updates 2013

We are well into another spring season out here and as the snow melts away to reveal our favourite trails it’s time to start checking up on what’s been hiding under the white blanket all winter.  Late Fall and early winter usually bring a few storms with heavy winds that tend to cause a great […]

‘Like’ us and WIN

We know you ‘like’ us but do you really LIKE us… if so we would love for you to share this with your friends and help us grow our Facebook followers.  The goal is to grow our ‘likes’ to 600 by next week! If, wait actually I mean when,  Tyax Adventures gets over 600 ‘likes’ […]

Hello world!

It’s been a busy winter here at Tyax Adventures and we’re counting down until opening day, May 15th! Working on our new website has been a big project for us and we’re happy to have one place to showcase all of our awesome tours and services.  This is a great step for us in bringing […]