Our Product

Our product is unique, authentic and service focused. No two adventures are the same. Every trip is customized to meet the dreams, desires and skill sets of our guests. Every trip is about experiencing the magic of the South Chilcotin and its historic and vast network of wilderness trails.

Whether it’s our world renowned flight assisted multi-day backcountry mountain bike adventures, a multi-day hiking trip connecting our 5 fully serviced backcountry camps/cabins, a majestic flight, or a horseback adventure into the wild following the footsteps of pionners, every Tyax Adventure is certain to create memories and stories to last a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

We love what we do and it shows. For 20 years we’ve been forging the way for some of the worlds best wilderness travel experienced by bike, foot, horse and aircraft. We pride ourselves in sharing the magic of the South Chilcotin with our guests in a way that builds memories, creates inspiration, delivers sustainability, and is forward thinking while remaining rooted in authenticity.

We welcome every guest humbly and invite all to explore and uncover the magic, while we simply lead the way and expose the path.

Tyax Adventures bikes at Bear Pw

Our History

We are an amalgamation of over 55 years of South Chilcotin tour operator experience, during which time we have been exploring, playing and laying the ground work to execute and support inspiring backcountry adventures. The South Chilcotin is our home, our passion and our life blood.

As a key stakeholder in our community, and a torch bearer for BC backcountry tour operators, we rely on recent and past history to create the unique experience that is Tyax Adventures. From our 5 historic backcountry camps, to helping to maintain historic travel routes, to actively sharing local knowledge passed on from longstanding members of the Bridge River Valley community, to ensuring that our guides have traveled the trails for years, we are rooted deeply in the magic of the area.

Our Experience

With comfort and humbleness, we refer to ourselves as the expert guides of the South Chilcotin. Each member of our team has been thoughtfully and purposefully selected as a team member. Our guides, pilots, hosts and wranglers come to us with unique, diverse, and valuable experience that we then top-up with training specific to our areas demands. A deep knowledge of the local trails, terrain and natural environment are strong pillars for our entire team, with first aid and safety training being a foundation to it all. Sustainability practices, including safe wildlife practices and trail etiquette, followed by service focused training insures that every Tyax Adventure is safe, fun and respectful of the environment.