Horseback Tour – Full Day

This day is about venturing into the South Chilcotin mountains on one of our trusty steeds with an experienced wrangler/guide leading the way.  Your day will be rich with beautiful meadows, babbling brooks, lovely forests and wildlife sightings. You will stop for lunch along the way at one of our scenic rest stops where you and the horses have a break before continuing on your mountain journey eventually ending back at Tyax Resort.

Distance: 15-25 km
Riding Ability: Beginner/Intermediate
Price: $315 per person

Find Your Skill Level

  • Beginner – You have limited riding experience and perhaps have never ridden a horse before but are keen to try. A 1 or 2 hour ride is plenty long.
  • Novice – Perhaps you have ridden a horse before and know that you are able to mount and dismount unassisted. You are comfortable and feel in control while your horse is walking and maybe even during short trots. You are comfortable on a horse for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Intermediate – You have a firm and confident seat on your horse and feel comfortable while trotting and maybe even while cantering and galloping short distances. You are comfortable on a horse for 6 to 7 hours, but perhaps don’t ride regularly.
  • Advanced – You are very comfortable on a horse at all paces, and perhaps can handle a spirited horse in open country. You are comfortable riding all day.

* Trail riding with us involves slow speeds and walking. Faster paces should not be expected.

What our Guests have to say…

“It is a majestic area to travel through – one which I think you could only really appreciate on foot, horseback or bike.”

Guest 2016

” We had an amazing time! I never realized how beautiful the Chilcotins are. We enjoyed the guides, horses and the food! A really great experience!”

Guest 2016