Tyax Adventures offers unique floatplane tours in our specially modified “Beaver” that has six window seats each with comfortable headsets.  Your pilot is highly experienced on the coast and the mountains to ensure your safety and comfort. They will provide a narrative describing the unique features of our stunning area during your tour.  All tours start at Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa and run daily on demand from May 15 to October 15.

Leave civilization behind and experience flying high over huge glacier fields, volcanic formations, alpine lakes and wildflowers. You never know what you’ll spot from the air – keep your eyes open for grizzly bears, moose and mountain goats.

All tour prices are based on a minimum of 4 guests. If your group is less then 4, we can arrange to place you on a tour with other guests.
Prices below are in Canadian funds and are subject to all applicable taxes (currently 5% GST).

Chilcotin Mountain Tour

During this 30 minute tour you will fly over the South Chilcotin Mountain Provincial Park and see these mountains & lakes at their finest. The multi-coloured mountains are a combination of volcanic formations and precious metals. You will also fly over Gun Lake, the clearest water body in British Columbia, while your pilot explains the mining history and ecology of the Bridge River Valley.

Duration: 30 minutes
Tour includes: Narrated Flight
Price: $145 per person

Lillooet Ice Field Tour

On this tour your pilot will take you west, beyond the South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park to the Lillooet Ice Field. This ice field, with its interconnected glaciers, covers 400 square miles and is home to the spectacular Bridge Glacier. See icebergs floating in the icy green waters at the toe of the Bridge Glacier. The spectacular and colourful volcanoes and cinder cones associated with the Cascade Volcanic belt will seem close enough to reach out and touch.

Duration:  1 hour
Tour includes:  Narrated Flight
Price:  $200 per person

Glacier Landing Tour

In addition to seeing everything the two previous tours offer, on this most popular 1.5-hour tour, you will also land on Glacier Lake, which was uncovered as the Bridge Glacier receded. Very few humans have ever set foot on its shores. You will have time to get out of the airplane and have a short walk across virgin terrain beside icebergs floating in the colourful glacial water. Pine Forests, which the glacier covered over 2,000 years ago are once again visible alongside alpine flowers reclaiming the barren moraine. Should landing become impractical, due to unfavourable winds or iceberg movement, this will convert to a Lillooet Ice Field Tour.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Tour includes: Narrated Flight and 20 minute guided hike alongside the Bridge Glacier
Price: $285 per person

Wildlife Safari Tour

On this 3-hour tour, you will fly over the spectacular scenery of South Chilcotin Mountains Park and Big Creek Park on your way to a Backcountry Lodge. Look for moose, grizzly bear, bighorn sheep and mountain goats, which are abundant along the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau.  Part way along your trip you will land and enjoy a delicious lunch as well as time to stretch your legs. In September, crimson red sockeye salmon can be seen spawning along the way.

Duration: 3 hours
Tour includes: Narrated Flight and lunch
Price: $450 per person