Spring Trail Updates 2013

We are well into another spring season out here and as the snow melts away to reveal our favourite trails it’s time to start checking up on what’s been hiding under the white blanket all winter.  Late Fall and early winter usually bring a few storms with heavy winds that tend to cause a great big mess on the trail for us to find come spring.  With a lower snowpack than usual and much less than last year the snow is clearing pretty quickly around here… that means an early start to the business of exploring the damage and starting the trail work.

Snow Pillow Data June 2013

The Snow Pillow Data taken from Green Mountain gives us a really great snapshot of how the snow melt is looking so far this year.  Although we’re not at the Minimum we are well below the Average, this pretty much just confirms what we were all thinking after a mediocre winter for snowfall.  Take a look at the Real time data online at the River Forescast Centre website.

The little trail elves have been busy already and most of the trails around Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa have been cleared out.  Our wrangler Brennan was busy clearing out the lower section of the North Cinnabar trail as well as the maze of trails behind the campground.  Horseback riders won’t have branches hitting them in the head on their rides with Brennan!  Brennan has also been busy putting together a great loop for our 3 hour Horseback Rides, this loop will show off some great view points of the entire Bridge River Valley.

The local crew around Tyaughton Lake have been out clearing the top of the North Cinnabar trail as well as some of the trails winding their way through the forest above the Friberg Rec site area.  Watch for the TMC brand on the trails along with the corresponding trail name in a bright pink blaze.

The jolly giant, Mr. Geoff Playfair has been extra busy this season cleaning out logging debris off some of the trails he’s built above Gun Creek RoaGeoff Playfair & his trusty chainsawd.  Curious George, a surefire favourite of anyone who’s ridden it, was logged last summer and had quite a bit of debris remaining.  Geoff & Karen along with a couple friends cleared out most of the trail and it’s now ready to go.  Be careful of logging equipment in the area and there is some active logging happening so keep your eyes and ears open.

With the ice coming off Spruce Lake a full 2 weeks ahead of last year our crew of Geoff Playfair & Adrian Bostock were able to get into Spruce Lake and clear out the blowdown and deadfall from the Lake all the way along the Gun Creek trail to the end of Gun Creek Road.  Took them 2 days but it’s good to go and the Arrow Leaved Balsamroot is already starting to flower!  Should be an early season for wildflowers.

The Taylor basin is still full of snow and the High Trail up to the Molly Dog entrance is clear but farther than that the snow is still lingering.  Expecting that zone to be explorable by early July.

Watch for more updates on the Warner Lake trail status which we will be clearing out this week (June,10-13).  Lone Valley & Mud Lakes, Lorna Lake updates, Crystal Lake & Skycamp to come in the following weeks.

Email us if you’ve got news or updates or post straight on our Facebook page or comment on this blog.  Hope we’ll see you all on the trails soon!

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Hello world!

It’s been a busy winter here at Tyax Adventures and we’re counting down until opening day, May 15th!

Working on our new website has been a big project for us and we’re happy to have one place to showcase all of our awesome tours and services.  This is a great step for us in bringing together the ‘Tyax Air’ and ‘Spruce Lake Wilderness Adventures’ brands under our Tyax Adventures name.  We also hope it will help clear up any confusion and note that we are all one and the same now and offer one central place for all your Chilcotin Backcountry needs.

Other exciting things in the works are new Self Supported – Guided Adventures.  Watch for these lower price point backcountry adventures to be up on the website soon!  Other new packages and adventures being dreamed up right now are backcountry running camps, wilderness yoga retreats, a ladies only backcountry mountain bike camp and new Sky Camp adventure packages straight out of Whistler.

Bikers at Bear Paw by Margus Riga

The team has been busy enjoying the winter; Geoff has been keeping busy skiing and volunteering in Whistler making some trips to visit family along the way.  Jamie & Margaret have been loving life near the ocean and planning a trip to Europe before coming up to the Chilcotin for the summer.  Adrian & Emily traveled through the US for 2 months this fall, mountain biking everywhere along the way.  After a bit of early winter skiing they were back on their bikes and have been enjoying all the riding in the Sea to Sky corridor.  Brennan has been keeping busy all winter and is looking forward to spending another summer in the Chilcotins and more time out in the mountains.  Dale & family are always busy if they’re not biking, hiking or kite surfing they’re planning family adventures or working on new trips for Tyax Adventures.

We can’t wait for summer and hope we will see you up in paradise soon!